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Nature Inspired Ultra Luxury
Roofing Sheets

A roof design inspired by nature is what gives a home its warmth. Nature is a common presence in making design approaches. For the first time, Georoof introduces ‘Natura’ Roofing Tiles with exclusive designs inspired from the nature.

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Roofing Sheets

The durability of aluminium
and the strength of steel

Starting from scratch in product development, Georoof re-approached the product composition by ensuring the right thickness of the base metal, optimising the galvanisation process and creating superior paint coating. The result was a first of its kind merger of ‘the durability of aluminium and the strength of steel’.

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A Colourful Accolade

Georoof is the world’s first and only roofing sheet brand with color coating process certified by global leaders in paint like AkzoNobel, Nippon and Beckers. Gauging the quality and lasting of the paint coating process is a stringent process involving a thorough check of several parameters. World-class paint companies unanimously vouching for the paint coating process of Georoof is an accolade that no other brand has received till date.


A Revolution in Roofing Structurals

Geofab from Georoof is a welcome change in a category that is largely unorganized with inferior quality pipes and tubes.

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Rain drain system

The Superior Rainwater
Drainage Mechanism

To preserve roof efficiency for new and as well as restored buildings, a good drainage system is necessary, as it reduces the damage by carrying water away.

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A Fast Solution to all
Roof Fixing Problems

The quality of the fasteners is crucial in the overall durability of the roofing structure. Established with an aim to cater to the Indian market with excellent quality engineering,

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